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My 5 Top Reads of 2018
2018 has been a good reading year for me. I have beaten my record by reading 54 books this year (with a few weeks left to maybe add a couple more) and I have discovered… View Post

Best/Worst Book to Movie Adaptations
I think what defines a good book-to-movie adaptation is different for everyone. Some people want a film to stick as closely to the plot as possible, others are just happy if the movie manages to… View Post

The Truth Waits Book Review
“She’s about to hurry on when something catches her eye. She hesitates. There’s something odd about the ebb and flow of the seawater in and around the pile of seaweed. It sucks and pulls at a… View Post

A Little Life Book Review
“Why wasn’t friendship as good as a relationship? Why wasn’t it even better? It was two people who remained together, day after day, bound not by sex or physical attraction or money or children or… View Post

The Intimidation of Classic Literature
All readers I know definitely have their own, individual taste in books, as is the same with everything, you’re always going to have your preferences. It’s not often (if ever) you’ll come across someone who… View Post

La Belle Sauvage (The Book of Dust #1) Book Review
“It welcomed her hands as if they were the very ones that had worn down the golden case over centuries and smoothed away the knurling of the wheels. As soon as she felt it, she… View Post