“The Arctic Ocean stretched out before him into the distance, fading into a hazy white horizon. It was a daunting panorama under a cloud ceiling, swept by strong guts of wind that ranked up eddie of snow, foretelling the… View Full Post View Post

“It’s so difficult to know what you really want. There are pros and cons to everything. How does anyone decide, yes, that’s what I want? My life feels shrouded in question marks. I’m never able to… View Full Post View Post

“Time doesn’t heal wounds; it merely conceals them under a layer of dust. It only takes a sudden, unexpected gust of wind to expose them again as raw as they have always been, as raw as… View Full Post View Post

“You were about to turn away from me. I think that 99% of the time I would’ve just left it at that. I had a nice chat with a good-looking girl, and I hadn’t freaked her out.… View Full Post View Post

“How fast can you run? When you really have to? In heels and a work skirt, with your bag banging against your side: how fast? When you’re late for your train and you have to get home,… View Full Post View Post