The Great Unexpected Book Review
“I want to kill myself,” he said. It was a perfectly profound and deeply unsettling moment for them both. Joel had finally vocalised it, and in doing so confirmed to himself that he really wanted it.… View Full Post View Post

A Single Journey Book Review
“It was not in her nature to be illogical but there was something about being next to the empty flat, yet still so full of Elena, that troubled her. She half expected to open her own door… View Full Post View Post

The Light Between Oceans Book Review
“Isabel’s belly quickened at the sight of the baby – her arms knew instinctively how to hold the child and calm her, soothe her. As she scooped warm water over the infant, she registered the freshness… View Full Post View Post

The Beauty of the Fall Book Review
 “Now that it’s all over, where else would I go? There’s no redemption, no forgiveness for what I did to Zack. There’s no desire for new love after Hannah. There’s no desire for a new… View Full Post View Post

The Juniper Gin Joint Book Review
 “”I love my job.” I watch the words float out into the darkening evening. “I know I’m not a doctor. Or a social worker. Or a teacher.” I nod at him, acknowledging his profession. “But I believe what… View Full Post View Post

Mona Ashleigh Book Review
 “”Of course not,” she said. “Don’t you know by now that you’re my best friend?” That shut me up all right. Yeah I knew it. I mean, I knew I was the friend with whom… View Full Post View Post