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I recently went to Brighton, and while there, thought it would be rude not to explore the local bookshops! Brighton have shopping streets called “lanes” which are filled with independent, quirky shops selling everything from books and jewellery to games and clothes.

So without further ado, please see below the list of bookshops I explored while in the city, and make sure you check them out too if you get the chance to visit!

Raining Books
North Laine Bazaar, Brighton BN1 4DY

Aptly name, Raining Books is quite simply one of the most hectic, yet fascinating bookshops I have ever visited. There seemed to be no organisation or books sorted into genres – they were just everywhere. Piled up quite haphazardly, and yet, while I was there someone came in and asked “where can I find your cookbooks?” and the man behind the desk gave her directions to the general area they would be – so maybe there was some organisation after all.

Anyhow, it was great fun rifling through the piles of books, and while I didn’t have time on this occasion, I’m sure if you had a few hours on your hands to explore the titles properly, you’d be able to find some absolute gems.

Books for Amnesty
15 Sydney St, Brighton BN1 4EN

Books for Amnesty is hard to miss – it’s bright pink! It’s a second hand bookshop which sells books of all genres as well as vinyls, CDs, DVDs, maps, comics, t-shirts, badges, cards, and chocolate, it’s hard not to pick something up while you’re browsing the shelves. I liked that it was all neatly organised into sections with genres, which made everything very easy to find, and I found the place charming and cosy to spend a little bit of your day. It was heaving when I went in to have a look, which is probably an accurate indication for how popular it is, and I’m glad that I managed to visit it!

71-74, North St, Brighton BN1 1ZA

This doesn’t really need an introduction, but this Waterstone’s (yes, the apostrophe is correct) in particular was pretty stunning. Situated in the city centre’s iconic clock tower, and on the corner of a busy road, it was hard to miss if you were in the area. There were a few floors to explore, and the shop was absolutely heaving when I visited. They also had a special offer on, where if you purchased a particular book, you got a free drink in their café – which I thought was pretty neat.

Dave’s Comics
3 Sydney Street, Brighton, BN1 4EN

Dave’s comics is a unique and fascinating graphic novel shop in Brighton; as explained on their website, they sell Action Figures, Roleplaying games, Toys, Board Games, Back Issue Comics, and Posters, and it was very easy to spend a while in their browsing the selection of things they had on sale. I managed to buy a board game while in there for my friend’s birthday, and for any lover’s of comics and graphic novels, it was the place to be in Brighton.

Honourable Mentions…

And I would like to give an honourable mention to The Wax Factor – a record store and bookshop which I went past, but didn’t have a chance to go in…

And also to the numerous other bookshops Brighton boast, but which I didn’t have a chance to visit (this time). Please see a list below if you are going to Brighton soon, and would like to pay them a visit too:

City Books
Kemptown Bookshop
The Book Nook
Invisible Books
The Amnesty and Oxfam Bookshops
Ubu Books
The Smallest Bookshop in Brighton
Savery Books

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