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About a year ago, fellow book blogger (Read with Amy) and I started an online book club called The Two Amy’s Book Club. We were so excited about it and thought it would be a great place to read books with other bibliophiles and chat about them to our heart’s content. The club was held monthly on our Twitter and Facebook and there would be a poll every month to decide what the next book would be. We built up a great, active following on Twitter and loads of people voted for new books each month. The only problem? When it came to the discussion day, we struggled to even get two people to take part.

I would love nothing more than to be a part of a committed, sociable book club where everyone is really invested in reading the book every month, and everyone has well-thought-out and interesting opinions about all the plot points and characters. BUT the problem is, everyone has lives, and it’s hard to commit to something that regularly, especially when it’s online because it’s easy to just say “oh, I won’t bother this month, but I will next time” or “I’ve got a lot on, I don’t think I’ll have time this month, but I definitely will read it next month!” And neither Amy and I blamed anyone for this reaction, it’s completely fair enough – people are just too busy!

But seeing as we had built up a nice following on our Instagram and Twitter accounts, and chatted with some lovely people as a result, we didn’t want to let it all go to waste. Enter the Book Bloggers Hub!

We’ve made the decision to disband our book club and instead use the platforms as spaces to support other book bloggers and chat all things bookish! We’re going to use our Twitter to host follow threads and chat about our favourite books, and the Instagram to share our favourite pictures from other bookstagrammers. It’s sad that the book club didn’t work out the way we wanted it to, but this already feels like such an exciting project, and I can’t wait to get to know more book bloggers through this platform. I also love the book community for how supportive it is, so it will be nice to show some of that support in return, and allow everyone to explore new book blogs and bookish social media accounts!

If you would like to follow either our Instagram or Twitter, then click the links below:

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And remember, if you’re a book blogger and want to get featured on either account, then just use the hashtag #bookbloggershub, and tag us too, and we will share our favourites!

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