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I love the bookstagram community, and all the wonderful accounts (and people) I have come to know as a result of starting my bookstagram. From snaps of our current reads, to beautiful whimsical bookish shots, below are a list of accounts I think are wonderful, and I think you should be following if you love books and reading as much as us!


I discovered Laura when I first started my account, and I have loved her photos (and her blog) ever since. She’s an avid traveller, and her posts often include bookshops from around the world which is always exciting to see. Plus, we have a similar taste in books which is great because usually the books she recommends are ones I know I’ll love too!


Helen’s post are always bright and fun, and her creativity is so inspiring! She’s alway reading books I know I’ll love as well, plus the occasional appearance of her toddler Dougie make her pictures extra special too! Her book reviews are always on point, so if you want something good to read, make sure you give her a follow and check out her blog!


Jaz’s Instagram is so colourful and fun, and it always fills me with a little bit of joy when her pictures appear on my feed. She is also an avid traveller and her recent pictures from Croatia are to die for!! Her focus on LGBT+, feminist, and non-UK/US books always make me what to try harder with what I’m reading and expand my library, and I love her for doing that!


Megan’s feed is gorgeous, and her editing and choice of shots are always spot-on! I particularly enjoy her reading time-lapses which are mesmerising even if it is just watching another person read! Her Instagram stories are also not to be missed, and she has fantastic taste in books too, especially ones I would never consider picking up.


Every time I see Ellen’s posts I am so inspired to make my Instagram as stunning as hers! There’s something so eloquent but simple about her posts, and I love, love, love the outfits she wears in her picture too… not only Instagram goals, but fashion goals as well!


Apurva and Mansi are two of the best people on Instagram! Their both so supportive, and their regular monthly round-ups are always so impressive, and again, I love that they inspire me to pick up books I would never normally choose!


Beth’s feed is always bright! It’s easy to work our her favourite colour, and the splash of yellow is always a ray of sunshine on my feed! She often has pictures filled with books she loves, or books she recommends and it’s always interesting to see the ones she chooses!

And of course, a shameless plug!

Go follow me if you love books, and the occasional bit of knitting and craft thrown in for good measure!


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