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Title: The Venerate Salvation
Author: Troy Dukart
Type: Fiction
Published: 2019
Pages: 281

“It’s been a year since I returned to Earth. So much had changed. The Geo-political climate had gotten, uncomfortable to say the least. Something had the militaries around the globe on high-alert. I felt our battle might not be over. Personally, every day is a struggle. A struggle to keep my family alive. It’s been a lot to take in.”

The Venerate Salvation is a sci-fi/fantasy book which throws the reader into a world which is at threat from an alien nightmare. Strafe, Yessa, and Zixin have returned to Earth but have been unknowingly followed by a threat which is hunting them down. Yessa is desperately in search of her parents, as are the brothers, and Zixin has his own demons to battle with. So while something is hunting them for revenge, how on earth with they survive?

This book was fast-paced and interesting to read from the beginning; I love fantasy books because their premise and storylines can be so original. I like that it had a dual narrative and switched between Strafe and Yessa. Dukart’s ability to create two separate and unique voices was very evident, and that made the read more enjoyable because I could see more than one perspective. A couple of unique things about the book which I particularly enjoyed were the Space Force and the Whiteclouds; the latter are wolf-like animals that Strafe has with him throughout. Again, this just reminded my why I like fantasy because the realm of possibility is just endless.

One thing that kept me reading were the characters; I liked the characters’ personalities, and Dukart’s focus on mental health, and the bond between Strafe and Zixin also kept me turning the page too. I really thought that Dukart did a good job of proving how strong the bond between siblings can be, but also, I liked how far both Strafe and Yessa were willing to go to protect their families.

I think generally, the book needed a little more fleshing out in terms of allowing the reader understand the events which happened before this book started. However, it probably didn’t help that this is actually the third book in the series, and I have not read the two which precede it, so I’m sure it’s all explained in those).

The author said that he loves the Divergent series, and I have admit (without giving away any spoilers) that the plot – especially towards the end – was perhaps a little too similar to the plot arc of Divergent. I’m not at all suggesting that it is plagiarised, because they are definitely very, very different books, but I do think that while the plots are different, their shapes are very similar. So maybe he should have refrained from praising the series so much when publishing his own, or made sure they were nothing alike.

All in all this was an enjoyable book which had an original premise with easy-to-read and likeable characters. I was left a little confused by the narrative, but I’m sure it would be a lot easier to follow had I read the first two in the trilogy. I really liked how original the premise was and how in-depth the character arcs were. If you want something a little different, but still compelling and intriguing, then The Venerate Salvation books are for you.

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Thank you to the author, Troy Dukart, for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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7.5Original, Compelling, Confusing

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