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January: Removed Without Warning

I love love love a good collection of short stories, and Removed Without Warning is no exception – this collection is funny, moving, and witty, and just written in such a compelling way. My favourites included 99 Percent and The Man Who Bottled Up His Emotions, but there were so many great ones to choose from. Some stories made my heart feel warm, while others made my skin crawl, so it’s safe to say there’s probably a story in here for everyone! Aaron’s other novel Gods and Conquerors is also a testament to his incredible writing, so when you get yourself a copy of Removed Without Warning, grab yourself a copy of that one too!

February: This is Going to Hurt

I don’t often read non-fiction, but I’d seen so many rave reviews about This is Going to Hurt that I knew it would not disappoint! Its author, Adam Kay, used to be a doctor, and is now a comedian, so as you can imagine, his memoirs of the days he used to practice are suitably hilarious. The book is laid out in a series of diary entries, with very helpful footnotes to explain any medical terms which would not be in the everyday vernacular of his readers. Spanning over six years of medical experiences, Kay’s recounting of his life as a doctor is painfully honest but totally heart-warming too. Just read this and I promise you will laugh, cry, and love it!

March: Beartown

Thanks to Jaz’s (@travelsinfiction) recommendation, this was chosen as the March read for The Two Amy’s Book Club. Both compelling and uncomfortable this book raises so many questions about the social climate in our society today and how lost the truth can become. As I wrote in my original review: “Backman doesn’t pretend that every wronged person will always achieve justice, but what he does not let the reader forget, is that the guilty are guilty no matter their gender, wealth, talent, or age, and we must endeavour to never let the truth remain hidden.” Read this and walk away with a completely new perspective, and one which will stay with you for weeks after you turn the final page.

April: Looking For Alaska

If I’m being perfectly honest, April wasn’t the best reading month for me in that there weren’t any books I read which absolutely blew me away. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Looking for Alaska; I absolutely adore The Fault in our Stars, but really didn’t enjoy Paper Towns, so I did not know whether I would like this one; it’s a romance-cum-mystery which explores feelings of grief and belonging in young people. What I liked about it is that I found myself feeling like the writing was similar to Paper Towns, but I could appreciate Green’s talent so much more with this novel. If you want something easy, but thought-provoking, then I would recommend reading this one.

What have been your favourite reads of 2019 so far?

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