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Today is International Women’s Day, so to celebrate, I want to share with you three female writers who I adore. I hope you get a chance to read their books, and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Lisa Genova

I talk about Lisa Genova A LOT. And that’s for good reason – her books, her stories, and her writing is incredible. As a former neuroscientist, she has a lot of knowledge about neurological diseases, so it makes sense that she chooses to tackle these with her fiction. Rooted in scientific fact though, her books not only depict the human struggle of fighting compassionless diseases, but they educate the reader too. My favourite of hers is Left Neglected; it’s about the disease Left Neglect which causes a person to have very little, if any, awareness of one side of their vision. (Read my full review here.) As the author of Oscar-winning Still Alice, it’s safe to say that I’m not the one one who thinks Genova’s stories are a force to be reckoned with. I love stories which show the power of human endurance, and Genova’s novels will fill you with a sense of hope like no other books will!

Jodi Picoult

More often than not, I always find myself coming back to Jodi Picoult and her novels. Her most famous book, My Sister’s Keeper, is famous for its ability to pull on your heartstrings and it’s shocking twist at the end. Her other books include Nineteen Minutes, Sing You Home, and Picture Perfect. All of these tackle important, if difficult, issues, and somehow, Picoult always manages to capture the epitome of human emotion and compassion. Nineteen Minutes, which depicts the harrowing and horrific ordeal of a school shooting, is especially gripping, as I think it’s topical nature really reminds the reader how ordinary people have experienced such a similar event. Her writing is beautiful and compelling, and I would definitely recommend reading her books!

Hanya Yanagihara

If you’ve been on my blog, or my social media before, then you’ll know that I couldn’t stop talking about A Little Life for A LONG TIME. To be honest, I’m still obsessed with it. And the reason I love this book so much is because Yanagihara’s writing transcends anything I’ve read before; her ability to depict pain, emotion, love, and friendship is just stunning. A Little Life is the perfect example of a book you can fully immerse yourself in, and just forget the world around you. I’ve read a lot of books, and that feeling has probably only happened to me three or four times in my reading career so far. So, for me, the fact Yanagihara’s work achieved that, proves what a phenomenal writer she is. Her writing is stunning, her story is heart-breaking and compelling, and I am in awe of anyone who can write something that beautiful!

I hope you all have a good day celebrating amazing women today! Comment below with any female writers you think are worth shouting about!

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