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Author: Chivi Frost                         Published: 2018                               Pages: 33

This book is a self-help guide for any new bloggers/vloggers, podcasters, or anyone who wants to become a content creator. Its author, Chivi Frost, lays out a step-by-step guide with tips and tricks on how to be a successful blogger or “Take You Blog to the Next Level in Easy Steps”. Throughout, there are images to help give visual aid to her useful information and the chapters are separated by sub-sections in order to make the book easy to dip in and out and go back to sections you find particularly helpful.

I’ve never actually read a book like this before, but I’ve seem some around. I’m always a little sceptical about them because I think that what works for one blogger, won’t necessarily work for another. However, when Frost approached me, I was intrigued about how short and simple her book was, and was immediately interested to read it. A lot of tips in the book were quite simple, but it may not be something that a blogger has considered before. For example: “I learned […] that in the first 10 seconds, the site should be able to convey very clearly what it is offering.” This kind of tip is what I liked about Frost’s book – sometimes if you find yourself at a bit of a wall when blogging, then taking a step back and trying to view it as an outsider can be extremely useful. And actually, by stripping everything back and asking yourself “is it clear what my blog is offering” can really help a first-time blogger.

I didn’t agree with all her tips, for example, she says to “be conversational.” Personally, as much as I like to read something which is colloquial and relaxed, sometimes I also like reading something which is, in itself, a beautiful piece of writing because I am more compelled to enjoy the post. When I review books on my blog, I want people to read it and appreciate me, not only as a review, but also as a writer, and I don’t always think a conversational tone can portray the best of my ability as a writer. However, I do also see why being conversational can attract a lot of traffic because it’s relatable, and there’s nothing nicer than when you really feel like you can relate to someone else’s blog. So again, I think in this respect, her tips are subjective, so I’m sure what doesn’t work for me, will work for someone else.

What I thought was very useful about the book was that it had links to resources which would be very useful for a blogger, especially a new one. Even if it was only a starting point, it’s great to be able to explore resources to help get you started. Another element I liked and, although you could see it as restrictive, I thought it was quite good that she gave numerical targets; for example, what to achieve within the first 60 days, 90 days, and how much traffic to aim for after a certain amount of time. Although every blogger won’t necessary achieve this, sometime having targets to aim for can make you more motivated, even if you don’t achieve them.

Another thing I didn’t like about this book wasn’t even the content itself, it was the fact that the presentation wasn’t very compelling; the cover is quite basic, which is okay because I suppose it does what it says on the tin, but things like having no page numbers and having a title on the bottom of one page and then the content that follows at the top of the next one, just doesn’t allow the book to have a clear layout. I think because this book is about giving tips to content creators, I’m apprehensive to take advice from something which I don’t find that professional. That said, I suppose it is what’s inside that counts.

I would recommend this book to any first time or new bloggers because it is a great way to get a tips and ideas on how to get going. It’s also good if you’re a complete novice because it explains the basics of things like search engine optimisation and ways to monetise your blog. In terms of more experienced bloggers, I don’t think this book does anything ground-breaking or new, but, it is a great way to actually just get back to the basics. There were a lot of simple things which I hadn’t actually considered before, and because it’s such a short read, I think it’s definitely worth having a flick through, just to see if it helps!

Thank you to the author, Chivi Frost, for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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