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“Even I didn’t really want to come today. We’d reached the age where the kids outnumbered the adults at parties. The few guests without kids stood around with their beers and burnt sausages, eyeballing everyone with kids – and they were all running around the backyard making sure Polly had her sunscreen on and Max didn’t fall over on the gravel and Olivia didn’t try to take her nappy off and eat its contents for afternoon tea again.

Author: Lauren Sams                         Published: 2018                               Pages: 303

Another book from Legend Press! This time it is the hilarious and relatable novel, She’s Having Her Baby. Georgina Henderson has never wanted children; she has successfully conquered her career goals, now being an editor at Jolie magazine, and, despite everyone around her seeming to be having children, it has never been something she has wanted for herself. But one day, George must make a touch decision. Her best friend Nina wants nothing more than to have a baby, but after yeras of trying, her and her husband decide they must consider other routes. Enter Georgie. Nina, running out of options, asks her to be the surrogate. Sure, it won’t be her baby by blood, but can George carry someone else’s baby for 9 months, despite her vehement opinions against motherhood, and how will her own life continue if she chooses to make the decision?

This was such a refreshing read; the narrative is relatable, funny, and heart-warming. I loved George as a protagonist and Sams wasn’t afraid to write reality rather than some rose-tinted fairytale. Her entire story was just so enjoyable to follow and I loved being on the journey with her. The other characters were great too, especially Nina, she had some absolutely amazing one-liners, and although she’s fictional, I would love to have a friend like her. Sams also doesn’t just brush over Nina’s heartache at not being able to get pregnant, she writes the situation with sensitivity and makes sure Nina’s pain is felt.

I also love that the plot wasn’t straight-forward, obviously I won’t give away any spoilers, but lets just say it didn’t exactly go how I thought it would, but in the best way. Again, it just reiterated the plausibility of the novel and made it more relatable and just great to read. Sams also really finishes it off nicely with the ending which was satisfying and just right for the plot and characters.

It’s also nice to read a book sometimes which, while touching on big issues, doesn’t drag you down with it’s depth or profound plot. And I’m not saying that to deprecate Sams book in any way, but I think she really nails the right tone for this novel. It was a perfect summer read, and I think it’s especially good for women to read as it has empowered characters and an empowering message.

Thank you to Legend Press for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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