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Bath is quite simply a beautiful place. I’ve been there a few times before, but this time, I wanted to go back specifically to look at all the books places around the city.

Good Buy Books
6 North Parade, Bath, Somerset BA1 1LF

Good Buy Books is located right next to Pulteney Bridge and Weir which is where the Javert suicide scene from Les Miserables is filmed. The shop is only small but they offer a range of books from fiction to local books about Bath and the surrounding areas. On their website they call themselves “the original independent bargain bookshop in Bath.” True to their word, you can certainly find some bargains inside. What I liked in particular was the selection of Wordsworth Classics which can be bought from here. Priced at just £2.99 (or 3 for £7.50) that’s not a bad price to buy some literary greats. On an earlier visit here I bought some beautiful Shakespeare plays which look lovely on my bookshelf. With cheap books and a great location, Good Buy Books is a lovely place to visit if you love books!

40 – 42 Guildhall Market, Bath, Somerset, BA2 4AW

Skoobs is a little shop in the Marketplace in the heart of the city. To put it simple, it consists of piles and piles of books of all genres. They are secondhand, so are cheaper than new paperbacks and organised in such a way that it is easy to find any author, genre, or title you are looking for. Plus, for anyone who loves craft, directly opposite Skoobs is a stall selling all kinds of haberdashery including wool, knitting needles, cross stitch supplies and many more crafty equipment. This little place is the perfect place for any bibliophile to immerse themselves in paperbacks, so make sure you visit it if you’re ever in Bath!

Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights
14-15 John Street, Bath, Somerset BA1 2JL

If you do visit Bath and you only have time to visit one place, then make it Mr B’s Emporium. This bookshop is a heaven for any bibliophile. With 3 floors full of hundreds of books, what makes this place so special is its character and how obvious it is that the place is run by genuine book-lovers. They have a toilet covered in Chris Riddell illustrations, a bath filled with books (appropriate) and a wall dedicated to showcasing others readers favourite novels. As they are brand new books, the shelves are priced in the same way a Waterstone’s would be, but for the experience alone, I do not mind paying full price. And just to top it all off, Mr B’s Emporium also make reading gifts. These include reading bundles and reading spas where you are “invited to our gorgeous shop in Bath for some bookish pampering in one of our sumptuous bibliotherapy rooms. One of our team of booksellers will learn all about your favourite reads by having an informal chat with you over coffee or tea and some delicious cake, before introducing you to a tower of books especially selected to suit your tastes.” No wonder this place has been named the UK’s top independent bookshop twice!

Topping & Company Booksellers
The Paragon, Bath, Somerset, BA1 5LS

This is another bookshop in Bath which is just heaven for all bibliophiles. They have a plethora of books and not to mention, library-eqsue ladders which visitors may use to browse the top shelves in the shop. Mostly, the shop consisted of regular paperbacks from just about every genre which made for some very nice browsing material. They also had armchairs and free tea so customers may browse the books in comfort (this seemed to be a common thing in all the bookshops in Bath actually!) The only qualm I have about this place, and it is a similar problem to the one I found in Arcadia in Oxford, was that, why oh why, are all the books wrapped in plastic!? It just baffles me and no matter how much I think about it, I cannot fathom any reason they would all need to be protected like that. They went’t first or special editions, and they weren’t outside, so I really was bemused. And to top it all off, we found the book to the left in the shop. Oh the irony.

From Topping and Company.

This was located in Parade Gardens, opposite Good Buy Books.

Do let me know if I’ve missed anywhere important from my list of book nooks in Bath! I hope you manage to explore them, because they really are worth the visit!

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