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“At first I felt really bad, extremely bad, but now I understand that no matter how bad I feel I still love them both. Does it not bother me to love two men? What really bothers me is I can do nothing about it. I comprehend that these loves are different in their own ways, each one a different type of love.”

Author: M. Fernandez               Published: 2017                     Pages: 235

In Between is a novel which concerns Rachel, the protagonist, a woman who loves her fiancé, Ethan, but finds herself falling for a guy at work, Tom. Right from the beginning, Rachel is thrust into a difficult situation and feels very torn. Ethan is so devoted, but she can feel the palpable lure of Tom’s affection, an affection she finds very hard to ignore. As the novel continues, she realises she must make a difficult decision: either fight for her relationship with the familiar man she’s lived her life with for the past few years, or abandon all that for someone new and exciting, who could potentially give her everything Ethan never could.

From the very beginning of this novel, I found myself thinking, is this book actually going to go anywhere? The book’s synopsis seemed to rest heavily on the relationship between the protagonist, her fiancé, and her lover. This is obvious, given the book’s premise, but when I agreed to review it I was kind of hoping that it would be about something a little more profound than just an ordinary, mundane, love triangle. On top of that, I found that the plot escalated too quickly for my liking and everything seemed to happen without much lead-up or fore-warning.

On a more positive note, I do like the way Fernandez wrote dialogue, it was plausible, and relatable and I think she really nailed chatty, colloquial conversation. I also liked the twist of the plot about 3/4 of the way through. Although overall I didn’t find the plot very complex, the author did include a few moments which worked successfully, including the twist.

Something that didn’t work for me however, was the protagonist. I found Rachel very irritating; she seemed very self-involved, and frankly I didn’t really care what the outcome of her decision was. The whole novel was nothing more than a woman vying for the attention of two men. If nothing else, it seemed a little antiquated to me. I did, however, believe her affection for both men and in return, their love for her. Despite me not enjoying the plot, Fernandez included plausible relationships between her characters, a factor which helps the book a lot.

Fernandez’s ability to write was clear in this novel, but unfortunately the plot was severely lacking any depth and while there were plausible relationships, her characters were nothing spectacular. That said, if she can write something else with a more complex plot, then I would be happy to read her writing her again.

Thank you to the author,  M. Fernandez, for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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2.5Plausible, Lacking, Unpredictable

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