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“It had already been established the President was somewhat…casual… with the biscuit. It was a fact that was already driving the entire security administration wild. “If you don’t mind, Sir,” Charley began again as graciously as possible. “Mind? I sure as hell do mind,” the President began frostily. “I came out to Vegas to party, MacKenzie, and party I will. Now let’s get going.””

Author: Suzanne Falter and Jack Harvey                    Published: 2017                         Pages: 280

This book is written from many different perspectives but mainly from that of a government spy called Charley. In a post-Trump presidency, Chance Vaughn is a sex addict who is about as useful at being the leader of the free world as his predecessor. When the ‘biscuit’ (the card with the nuclear codes) goes missing, it’s up to Charley to find out who’s stolen it. Along the way we meet Wilhelm, a drug dealer and Charley’s ex lover, his roommate Bambi who has slept with the POTUS and now wants to sell her story for the big bucks and Charley’s fiancee, Electra, the ‘society Dom’, and potentially the woman with the most power out of all of them. As Charley struggles to find the biscuit and keep control of the situation, now the POTUS wants to sleep with Electra. Is it all too much just to keep the President happy?

This book certainly wasn’t boring, there was constantly something happening and I found the hubbub of events quite entertaining. I liked that the authors changed perspective regularly, not only did it keep the narrative fresh, but it allowed the reader to be kept informed about the very complicated plot. I also liked that all the characters were a whole host of crazy and all with their own baggage to keep the storyline exciting.

Charley was an interesting character; I liked his devotion to Electra, and hers to him, and I liked his determination to find the biscuit – whatever it might take. It’s always nice to see authors who write characters with flaws, something that all the characters possessed in this novel. After I had read the novel, I found myself thinking that actually not much had happened in terms of plot, it was mainly character interactions which kept the novel’s pace. This was actually nice though as I wasn’t overwhelmed with too much plot and too many details, instead I could enjoy watching the characters awkwardly interact with each other, which usually lead to some funny altercations.

The writing wasn’t bad for most of that narrative and the authors managed to keep the pace well, however, there were some moments, mostly in the dialogue, which were very staged and jarred the narrative a little for me. Most of the time it was okay, but in examples such as this, I think it could have been written with a touch more subtly: “It’s only an NDA Fisha, we’re not signing away your rights here,” he said quietly […] “Okay fine!” she snapped, reaching for the pen. “It had better be the President himself for all this nonsense.” (She was signing the NDA because she was about to meet the President.)

Overall I did enjoy this book, but I think my main comment would be it felt like it wasn’t finished. I like how the characters were crafted and I liked the tenacity of the plot, but the dialogue was in need of some redrafting which did let down the other elements of the book. I’m not saying I wouldn’t read another in this series, but let’s just say I won’t be doing it in a hurry.

Thank you to the authors Suzanne Falter and Jack Harvey for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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