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“Previously, she’d never experienced the slightest difficulty in putting her ideas into words. She had written her first novel in less than three months and her second in little more than that but, with this one, she found herself unable to sketch the most vague outline of a plot. Something had shifted inside her, transformed by a silent storm.”

Author: Hannah Fielding                           Published: 2015                          Pages: 444

This book intrigued me at first, as most romances do, and I wanted to see how the author’s take on a fiery Spanish romance would pan out. Indiscretion follows the journey of writer Alexander as she travels to Spain to meet the family she’s always dreamed of knowing. After her parents moved to England when she was a child and then her mother died, she had always wondered what her Spanish family were like.

The problem I had with the novel is that it never engaged me at all. I never cared what happened to the characters and most of the time I was too confused by all the drama to even keep up with what was happening. I would have liked a more toned down version, with less complication and more raw chemistry. Also as much as Fielding’s ability to describe the sights and smells in the book was undeniable, sometimes it was a little too much. It became so descriptive that I found myself lost from the plot. It also feels like this book has taken a few thousand steps back in terms of female empowerment. Yes, Alexandra is a successful woman but she spends the whole book pining after a guy who is clearly no good for her. Plus every other woman in the book is either a hag or a whore. Not exactly innovative.

Something else off-putting about the book was that I kept forgetting it was set in 1950. One minute all the characters seemed to be wearing clothes from the Victorian times and the next I would read pages and pages of dialogue and description which could easily be placed in the 21st century. I feel like more work needed to be done here to keep the book grounded in its time.

I don’t like spending an entire review only citing negative points, so I will say what I did enjoy. I liked the authenticity of the Spanish dialogue mixed in with the English, it helped keep the book true to its Spanish setting. I also liked the gypsy characters who added more excitement and I enjoyed their superstition. My favourite character was Ramon who seemed to the most realistic and likeable; most of the other characters were always up and down but Ramon was a calming constant in the novel.

Overall the novel was a bit disappointing. I found that Fielding’s writing was nice and she clearly has a talent, but the plot just never gripped me. I also found that there was a lot of unnecessary description and that the narrative could become a little complicated at times, making for the story to be confusing. It’s safe to say I don’t think I’ll be reading the next two books but I would be intrigued to see whether other people enjoy the trilogy.

Thank you to the author Hannah Fielding for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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