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1. Your imagination will not be the same as someone else’s (such as the director.) One of the greatest things about books are their ability to allow your imagination to explode as you dive into a new story, this is especially true with AU books. However, nobody imagines the characters, settings, scenes and even minute details such as small objects the same. For this reason there is always a slight disappointment when the big screen just doesn’t live up to your vivid imagination.

2.The characters may not be portrayed how you wanted them to be because of the actor. Obviously when an author writes a book they usually don’t have a specific actor in mind, and therefore it is almost impossible to find someone exactly the same as the character in the book. Also with most hollywood films the characters are a lot more glamours then they were in the book (and in real life.)

3. There is so much more detail in a book and most the characters have a more detailed back story. For example, if you haven’t read the Harry Potter books you may not know: Neville’s parents are in a ward in St. Mungo’s Hospital For Magical Maladies and Injuries (and the now mad Professor Lockhart resides in the bed opposite them, surrounded by posters of himself of course.) Ron becomes a prefect in The Order of the Phoenix and only people who have read the books will know anything about S.P.E.W, Winky or Peeves.

4. Some parts of the story just might not be possible on screen (e.g. complex sci-fi – especially on a low budget film.) Although this is becoming less of a problem as technology develops and improves.

5. Some parts of the book won’t be included because they are considered too boring or trivial for the film. This is fair enough because if they followed the book word for word the film would end up being far too long, however sometimes you can’t help but disagree with what the director considers boring or unimportant.

6.Unless the author has worked extremely closely with the director, the film is unlikely to have the same atmosphere, and to a certain extent genre, as the book.

Moral of the story:


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