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“Fear helps to focus us, challenge us and excite us. It guides us in pursuit of our dreams and makes us question our own judgements and the sanity of our ideas. Fear helps make us humble, it helps make us human.”

Author: Alastair Macartney                    Published: 2014                  Pages: N/A

This book was short and sweet and reflected the inspirational and positive mindset that I think everyone should adopt. The book was set out as a kind of self-help guide, while giving advice, the book also provided ways to immediately change your life and improve your outlook on the mundane and habitual movements of everyday life. My personal favourite tip was: “Imagine you’re wrong. Explore the possibility. Play Devil’s Advocate. Argue against yourself and see what transpires.” While I think that the book doesn’t provide much information that people haven’t already heard before, the conversationalist manner of it and it’s soft relatable tone makes it something that people can read and re-read, taking more out of it each time they do.

The only criticism I have would be that I was disappointed that there were no personal experiences included in the book. While Macartney assures the reader that he has used the advice that he gives in the book, there is never any evidence, or any inspirational times that his advice was put into practice and actually worked.

However, there are many elements of it which I Ioved; ‘The Knowledge Protocol’ being one. I think this idea is innovative and creative. Macartney states: “It’s not about how much you know. It’s about how much you don’t know.” While I didn’t understand this at first, after reading the rest of the passage I think that idea will stay with me for a long time. With titles such as ‘The Dragon Won’t Eat You’ and ‘Normal Is For Freaks’ this book was both light-hearted and intense. Macartney successfully proves that anyone is capable of anything if they stop and learn to take a different approach to life.

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5.8Different, Interesting, Positive

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