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“There’s a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her.”

Author: Gillian Flynn                           Published: 2012                          Pages: 432

I started reading Gone Girl because for the last few months, that’s all anyone seemed to be talking about. I anticipated it to be a page turner, and was not disappointed. The story follows Nick, a man whose wife, Amy, has just disappeared on their fifth wedding anniversary under suspicious circumstances, so obviously, who else to blame by the supposedly innocent husband? The chapters alternate between Nick’s point of view and entries from Amy’s diary and I have to say that having the story narrated from both characters made it difficult to decide whose side you’re on (but the shocking twist does help make up your mind!) The book is definitely not predictable, and takes a whole new chilling look at relationships and proves that all might not be as it first seemed.

It is hard to admit that I didn’t ‘like’ this book; it is very cleverly written plus the way Flynn pulls apart and exposes Nick and Amy’s marriage makes the perspective very genuine and intoxicating. The reason I don’t think this book was as good as I anticipated it to be, was for two reasons. Firstly Amy’s narrative is very cynical and bitter. This works to and extent because it is a huge contrast to Nick’s passive narrative, however, I think it is a little over done and becomes quite monotonous as the book progresses. Secondly, I didn’t enjoy the ending. The book is fast-paced and tense throughout, but towards the end, the pace just seems to, disappointedly, plateau. I still think the book is worth a read because even after the first chapter the book really gets the reader hooked with the ‘whodunnit’ storyline. The book’s second half is especially gripping and gives the reader a real insight into a psychopathic and deranged character (making it all the more interesting.) However I feel as if Flynn just gave up towards the end and opted for the ‘easy way out.’

While the manipulation, deceit and complicated character history was enticing and entertaining, the ending just didn’t leave me satisfied. I think the book would have been a lot better with a few more chapters, or even a sequel.

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5.8Underwhelming, Thrilling, Clever

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