“Eventually, the rain subsides and people begin to emerge again and I feel my anger subside. The sun comes out again and I shake my clothes and squeeze out my sleeves, until all that is left are… View Full Post View Post

“When the time came to retell his story in court, in a matter of weeks, it would be airtight and polished, edited by his personal writing coach. What I’d unwittingly been doing, in other words,… View Full Post View Post

At university, I studied English Literature and Language so naturally a lot of people asked me why I like books. To tell the truth, I never read much when I was younger. It was probably… View Full Post View Post

“He enjoys the habitual goings on in the Square too; the trees, blossoming at the right time, birds, flowers springing up in the central garden. He likes the parallel human regularity. The bin men on… View Full Post View Post