“”Does the Potlatch have secret agents?” I asked him one night out on the stoop after my Dad went inside. “You know like spies or hit men or something who might follow you around to make… View Full Post View Post

Anyone who knows me will know that there’s one thing I have no stomach for at all: horror. Whether it’s books, movies or ghost stories, I point blank refuse to endure any of them. Now if… View Full Post View Post

“You have filled that gap, that empty space left by all those people I have lost. You have filled the minutes in the day when I used to stare, in the manner of Auntie Nina, into the… View Full Post View Post

“At first I felt really bad, extremely bad, but now I understand that no matter how bad I feel I still love them both. Does it not bother me to love two men? What really… View Full Post View Post

I’ve read quite a few self-published and indie-published books over the last year f0r my blog, and it has definitely opened my eyes to being less judgmental when it comes to books which haven’t gone through… View Full Post View Post